Online to Offline: Instagram Gift Ideas

instagram gift

Instagram provides an outlet for amateur to professional photographers, artists, foodies, One Direction fans, nail artists, dog lovers, and all other folks who like to track their photos online. But why should the fun stop online? Companies are tapping into the offline power of Instagram, turning users’ filtered and hashtagged masterpieces into real-life works of art. So, if you’re looking for a fun gift idea, look no further than your own Instagram feed – or maybe the gift receiver’s feed – unless the gift is a picture of you.

Coastermatic takes your Instagram photos and turns them into round stone coasters. Each set of four is $25 + shipping.  Examples of awesome coaster themes include travel, flowers, scenery, and my personal favorite: dogs!


Postrgram creates a mosaic poster out your your own Instagram pictures, or any other user or search term. For example, you can choose prints from #pugsofinstagram and create a magnificent pug poster that might make it look like you’re obsessed (but who’s judging?).

I played with Postrgram a bit and honestly, I want this print for my living room.  Santa, you there?

My Potential PostrgramMy Space Needle mosaic, made from mostly bad food pics.

Coastermatic and Postrgram are my two favorites for Instagram gifts, but then of course, you need to wrap those gifts.  Why not wrap your awesome Instagram gifts in awesome Instagram pictures of your face?! If you are giving to someone who shares my sense of humor, you’d be right on target with this idea.

Pic Paperie takes one of your Instagram or Facebook pictures and turns it into tiled wrapping paper. Each sheet is 24″ by 33″ and costs $8 + shipping. If you buy three or more, shipping is free.

Here is an example of what the wallpaper could look like. I’m sure my parents would love their gifts wrapped in a picture of my hiding behind a tree.

Pic Paperie Wrapping Paper

The fact that Instagram is so easily transferrable to print and other products makes it extremely valuable online and offline. For brands that excel in user-generated content on Instagram, something like a set of coasters or a mosaic could be a lovely prize for a brand ambassador. Do you think brands can capitalize on this trend as well?