Houzz: A Lead Gen Tool for Home Improvement Brands

Houzz for Brands

Name a hot visual network that welcomes home improvement and interior design brands. Chances are, you answered Pinterest, right? Sure, there are plenty of interior design and home improvement brands on Pinterest — but there’s actually a community that uses that same formula specifically to connect home professionals and potential clients.

Houzz is a platform that centers around architecture, interior design, landscape design and home improvement. Home professionals upload photos of their projects and users can browse these images, saving their favorites in themed ideabooks. Each photo has a a link to that professional’s profile plus reviews, keywords and the ability to ask and answer questions.

Houzz Marketing

In a recent webinar, Liza Hausman, Houzz’s VP of marketing, refers to the platform’s users as “empowered clients” — those who get out there to educate themselves on home projects. “Your clients and prospective clients have new tools like Houzz that are changing their expectations about building, remodeling and design,” says Hausman. “These tools enable them to be more informed and confident.”

What’s in it for home improvement brands?

According to a study by Houzz, users are upscale, married homeowners with plans to hire for an upcoming remodel or redesign — in other words, a prime target for home improvement brands.

Houzz User Stats

This group also relies primarily on online resources for home projects; 68% say their main source of ideas and advice for the next home project is Houzz or another online source rather than traditional media like magazines or word of mouth.

Here are some of the unique branding and lead gen opportunities that Houzz offers home improvement brands and designers.

1. Build out your visual portfolio

A picture says a thousand words for any brand, but for an industry like home improvement and design, visuals are altogether essential. By pulling together beautiful pictures of your work, you’ll be able to inspire current and potential clients to jump into home improvement projects — and look to the cited professional (you!) for guidance.

Houzz Portfolio

2. Become an industry thought leader

When you answer questions about your niche, you show your expertise. Either through questions on your photos or the discussion tab, get in there and show interested users that you are the local expert on outdoor audio, midcentury features, ceramic kitchen sinks or what have you.

3. Build your customer service reputation

When you actually get in there and browse Houzz you’ll notice that there is a high volume of questions and comments, many of which are repetitive and will probably never turn into business inquiries. But by responding to comments not necessarily tied to your bottom line, you’ll show the community your commitment to customer service.

4. Get front page coverage

The Houzz editorial team publishes “Today on Houzz,” a daily feature on the platform’s homepage. Submit your work to the editors to be featured and increase the chances that users will find you. Submission guidelines are available here.

Today on Houzz

5. Get listed in the directory

The second tab on Houzz’s menu is “Find Local Pros.” Users can type in their locations and the type of professional they’re looking for to browse local home improvement professionals. It goes without saying that this is a place you want to be represented.

Houzz Directory