Want Stealthy Data on Websites? Honeybadger don’t care!

Thanks to our tech-heavy society, we have the luxury of having information immediately available to us whenever necessary. But sometimes we find ourselves wanting to dig deeper into a company without wanting to switch gears and navigate away from their homepage. Whether you’re an exec looking to brush up on the competition, or just a fan curious to learn more about your favorite web app, you’ll get some help from everyone’s favorite animal, the honey badger.

Like many of our favorite apps, Honeybadger is the product of a frustrated researcher who was looking to make his work a little easier. Instead of wasting time by constantly consulting several sources for traffic, SEO and competitor data, he decided to create an all-in-one extension to put this information at our mouse-clicking fingertips.

Currently in beta, the Honeybadger extension allows you to see the essential stats of any site you visit with just one click of the mouse. Want to see a site’s Google page rank, Alexa page rank and list of founders in just a matter of seconds? Honeybadger don’t care! Just install the extension and click on the icon in the address bar while visiting any site you want to brush up on. The extension allows you to view SEO stats, history and competitors, all without switching to another tab. It’s perfect if you want a look at the competition, or if you just want a quick overview of your own site’s analytics.

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Honeybadger stats for Twitter

Honeybadger also works for sites that aren’t well-established favorites like Twitter and Google. Do you have a favorite web app that is a relative newcomer? You can find AngelList stats and details about the company’s startup timeline and how much money it raised over a given period. In addition, you can get a glimpse at the investors that helped fund its success.

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Honeybadger stats for Evernote

I’ve only had the extension installed for a day, and I’ve already found myself reading up on every site that I’ve visited. The humble beginnings of many of these sites are pretty astounding, and the ‘similar’ category has also helped me discover additional sites matching my interests that I wasn’t aware of. The fact that the sassy “Honey Badger Don’t Care” video is its namesake is also a fun bonus.

The Honeybadger extension is available in the Chrome Web Store.

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