American Heart Month Goes Social

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How did you celebrate American Heart Month? Adopt a healthier diet? Start an exercise plan? Get a cardiovascular scan? Or did you ‘like’ a Facebook post? Several notable health-conscious brands marked the month by using the social space as a way to communicate health and wellness tips to their friends and fans. How? Let’s take a closer look.

The Mayo Clinic closed out the month with a not-so subtle reminder for fans and followers to take another look at their salt intake. Facebook newsfeeds are inundated with shareable images filled with text. Although they’re, for the most part, very well done, it’s becoming more difficult to get your own image posts to stand out from the crowd. By incorporating the text into the image itself, the Mayo Clinic’s post even stands out among the other posts on its own timeline, making it more compelling and helping it resonate with users.

For their heart health-conscious post, Women’s Health and the American Heart Association, joined forces to make visually appealing, shareable posts that play off a fun heart-themed hashtag while also communicating a helpful heart health tip. Containing the tip and hashtag within the photo itself, also prevents it from being lost when it (hopefully) goes viral.

The American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women post takes the best parts of the previous post and multiplies them. Instead of one tip, it has 28. It has a hashtag, visuals that pop, and challenges to inspire women to get up and move for their heart. It’s shareable and, better yet, a piece that users will be able to refer back to time and time again. What’s more? It invites users to share this important information with the people they care about.

A pretty image? Sure. An easy to remember hashtag? Check. But the most important piece of Bon-Ton’s #HealthyHearts social promotion is that it inspired users to ‘like’ it for a great cause. For every ‘like’ collected, Bon-Ton promised to donate $1 (up to $15,000) to the American Heart Association. Forget bragging rights, the ‘likes’ collected on this post benefitted a great cause and managed to rally a community around it.

Did you spot some health-related posts that made your heart happy? Share them with us in the comments below.