Google’s Story of Send—Email’s Magic School Bus

Google’s step-by-step description of what happens to an email after you click “send” is very well done and very, well, Google-ish, with cutesy/quirky animation crossed with fairly easy to understand explanations of each step.

Big Brother language about Google’s “extensive Internet backbone across the U.S.” aside, the story offers some really interesting info for anyone who wants it, with the ability to watch a more in-depth video about various steps of the process.

The animated journey is housed under the “Google Green” umbrella, and a good portion of the story is dedicated to explaining Google’s eco-friendly processes and initiatives. This angle sounds pretty standard at this point, but Google still keeps it interesting—for instance, a graphic comparing environmental impact of everyday activities vs. Gmail and YouTube.

using less energy to do more, youtube, gmail

Plus: cool server pictures! Cue the Ocean’s 11 soundtrack.


Take the whole trip yourself here.