Google+ Users Create Photographic Leap Year Time Capsule

google plus, photography

A recent episode of “30 Rock” celebrated Leap Day by crafting a hilarious character to embody the spirit of the day, the Mariana Trench-dwelling Leap Day William. Maybe you can’t spend today living William’s philosophy that you can do whatever you want on Leap Day without ramifications, but you can still observe it in a fun and interactive way.

Google+ users are using this Leap Day as an opportunity to capture a moment in time as only a social networking site can. G+ LeapYear 2012 – Day in the Life of G+ is a community photography project that was proposed as a way to encapsulate a day in the life of Google+ users all over the world. As the official profile details, “Everyone will take a picture of their small piece of the world on the 29th Feb 2012 and share it with the whole G+ community. This will create one never before seen photographic record of what the world looked like on one specific day in time. A record that forms a kind of time capsule that we can use to look back on one frozen moment in time.”

The ‘Day in the Life of G+’ idea was proposed back in October, and was scheduled for February 29 in order to observe Leap Day and give the photo time capsule an even more unique perspective.

In order to take part in this Google+ community event, participants need only take a picture that represents themselves or their world, share it publicly on Google+ (tagging it with #G+LeapYearDayProject) and fill out a short form to help the organizers keep track of the submissions. Participants can also submit videos, but they should be less than a minute long.

Of course, I couldn’t write about this fascinating project without participating! Here’s the photo I submitted of my corner of the world. I went with the #WindowWednesday theme.

google plus, photography

Are you on Google+? Are you planning on contributing to the project? Is your company planning on participating? Add us to your circles on Google+ so we can share submissions! You can also check out other Leap Day photo submissions here.