Google Introduces Account Activity

At the end of March, Google added another tool to its analytics arsenal: Account Activity. By opting in for this service, users will receive monthly, password-protected reports detailing their Google activity for the last month.

If you’re curious about how many emails you send in a month, or how many searches you perform in a month, you’ll be able to see the exact statistics every month. In addition, Google’s official blog details that the service acts as a complement to other Google services, like Google Dashboard and Ads Preferences Manager.

Google Plus, G+, profile layout, Google Plus Account Activity
Although the reports are somewhat limited right now, Google plans to incorporate more Google-related products and services. Above all else, the company hopes that it helps users understand and manage their information on Google.

What are your thoughts about the service? Will the reports be helpful to you? Do you plan on signing up for them? Share your thoughts with us!