Goodbye, Vizify


R.I.P. Vizify, we barely knew thee.

Social media data startup Vizify announced yesterday that it has been acquired by Yahoo, in an attempt to bring a new look to visual data. If you have not used Vizify, the acquisition may not mean much. However, the move comes at a crucial time for Yahoo as its eighth acquisition of this year, and the 37th since Marissa Mayer became CEO.

If you’re not familiar with Vizify, it is a tool that helps you build a custom bio using your social media profiles. You can connect your Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, LinkedIn, Flickr, and Instagram accounts to create one simple set of visuals.

Here’s a brief overview:

Vizify Bio

You could also create videos and infographics using your social data. Unfortunately, Vizify is no longer accepting new users, and will be shutting down the service as of September 2014. Current users can opt to receive snapshots of their current bios, and paid users will receive full refunds for any services.

If you have any other questions concerning your account or just want more information on Vizify, you can read their FAQ and announcement here.

The team at Vizify will join Yahoo in San Francisco, where they will continue their mission to improve visualizing data. You can find more on Yahoo’s recent acquisitions here.