Frightening Facts About Enterprise Blogs


Did you know, 9 in 10 marketers publish an enterprise blog yet the average lifespan of a blog is five blog posts?

Everyone has access to publishing a blog, but are marketers creating interesting, engaging, and informative content that drives real business results like leads, brand awareness, assisted sales conversions, and community engagement?

Feldman Creative and  ClearVoice teamed up to produce a cheeky infographic titled “Eulogy for a Blog”. In it, the duo sarcastically pokes fun at uniformed, strategy-less, and design-poor blog posts that exist in the webosphere these days.

The infographic poses the follow questions: What if…

  • Your blog took more care to plan?
  • Your blog were a better listener?
  • Your blog lived by a schedule?
  • Your blog was tidied up?
  • Your blog was more capable of pouring his heart into his work — or maybe seeking the help of professionals?
  • Your blog had built relationships with influential people who might have taken an interest in his work, given him some advice, and perhaps opportunities?

If your blog had all of these components, would it drive better results? Check out the infographic  below and share your thoughts!

Courtesy of www.clearvoice.com and www.feldmancreative.com.

The Short Life and Tragic Death of The Blog



What do you think? Do enterprise blogs have a future?