Freebies for Brand Awareness


Just about any one can start a new business or acquire a an existing one. But it takes work to make that business successful. A good business owner develops good marketing plans to effectively brand their business. Business leaders have to decide the direction of the business and how to get there. One of the most effective ways to brand a business is by handing out promotional freebies.

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Building Brand Awareness


A brand is the business’ identity by way of name, design or logo. People often recognize a brand by its logo. However, it is the service or product that sets the brand apart from its competitors. When business branding is done correctly, the known quality or business personality associated with the brand precedes the business service/product. People know what to expect.


Once a brand is created, the business needs to build brand awareness. One way this can be accomplished by handing out free giveaways that have a business name or logo on them. Some freebies include custom plastic bags, custom pens, shirts, paperweights, custom tote bags, mugs, water cups with straws and more. These types of freebies work really well with customized branding because these are items people use often and every time the freebie is used, the business name and logo are in front of them and whomever they are around.


Types of Freebies

Businesses can choose to give out a variety of freebies to saturate the market with their brand. One strategy is to sell their products in custom plastic bags or hand out reusable items like pens. Custom bags are a great idea because the bag is reusable. Other popular freebies would be silicone bracelets, stress relievers, post-its and sanitizer spray. You can even go high end and offer personal electronics in a randomly selected or contest format. Here’s a list of lower cost items to get you started: https://lonelybrand.com/blog/best-bluetooth-headphones-under-100-dollars/

Choose an Appropriate Freebie

There are many types of freebies. Your freebies may include cleaning wipes, tissue packets, hot/cold packs and more. These are all great for market saturation. Depending on the business, it is even better to choose freebies that are specific to your industry. This makes it easier for the consumer to remember your brand. An example would be giving away beer bottle openers from a brewery. A freebie should represent your business well. Something like promotional plastic bags available through services like Custom Tote Bags 4 U would be a welcome addition to any marketers arsenal.


Why Freebies Are Great

Freebies are not only free gifts to potential customers, they are a low-cost promotion for your business. Wherever the consumer goes with a freebie, they are promoting your company. Hand out freebies in business meetings, at trade shows, farmers markets or business meetings. People love free gifts with no strings attached.