‘Flattring’ Non-Profits with Flattr’s Mini Donations

One of the biggest problems that non-profits run into is turning their social efforts into measurable donations. Sure, you can schedule pledge drives, but if you ask too often, you’ll end up annoying and possibly losing supporters. Enter Flattr, a service that allows users to make mini donations to┬ádeserving sites, services and causes.

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Users set a monthly budget that they can then allocate to one or several sites registered with Flattr. The more things someone ‘flattrs,’ the more that set amount is divided among those ‘flattred’ items. The businesses being ‘flattred’ can then withdraw those donations once they reach a set amount and use them toward their expanding their services, paying for overhead costs or anything else they can think of.

Flattr is already being used by services like the free photo-editing service GIMP, and the fact that it “works well” with socially-oriented services like Twitter, WordPress and Vimeo suggests that it might help non-profits get over the social media monetization hump.

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What are your thoughts? Will you be giving Flattr a try?