Facebook to Introduce More Relevant News Feed Ads

facebook news feed ads

Get ready for Facebook to shake up your News Feed again…well, kind of.

In a blog post dated September 27, Facebook Engineering Manager Hong Ge announced that the social networking giant would be working to make its infamous News Feed ads more relevant to users. As the blog post details, the new algorithm will place more emphasis on how users engage with the ads they see now and will use this data to determine what ads they will see in the future.

As the blog post details, this could cause some variation in the distribution of marketers’ ads. Although marketers might feel like they aren’t reaching the audience they once were, Ge emphasized that this actually improves targeting and chances of conversion.

Our goal is to make sure we deliver the most relevant ads, which should mean the right people are seeing a specific ad campaign. This is ultimately better for marketers, because it means their messages are reaching the people most interested in what they have to offer.

As a brand marketer, what are your thoughts on the algorithm change? Will it ultimately be beneficial to marketers like Ge predicts? Share your thoughts with us!