The 20% Rule: Facebook’s Image Text Restrictions

Facebook Images

Statistics prove that images boost significant engagement on Facebook. On the bus, the couch or at work, we absentmindedly thumb through the mobile Newsfeed at warp speed, passing text in a blur but giving a few seconds pause for striking images.

For marketers, text overlays are a great way to take advantage of the digital generation’s affinity for high resolution imagery. But before pasting headlines across all of your images, be sure to familiarize yourself with Facebook’s image text policy.

Cover photo text restrictions

Facebook Page Terms state that cover photos should contain no more than 20% text. That text cannot include pricing, purchase information or any contact information that logically belongs in your page’s about section (website, Twitter handle, email address). Mention of Facebook actions (Like or Share, for example) is prohibited, as are any external calls to action like “buy now” or “visit our website.”

Promoted post text restrictions

Any images that are promoted within the Newfeed are restricted to 20% text. “Regular” ads (those found in the righthand column of the Facebook feed) are not subject to these restrictions, so text overlay away!

Organic Newsfeed content

That leaves regular old Facebook image posts, which do not fall under Facebook’s 20% rule. But don’t get too text happy; users expect organic content in their Newsfeed and won’t take kindly to a series of digital billboards. If you use text, make sure that it adds to the post’s value.