Optimizing Facebook Campaigns for International Markets

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While we’ve already let you know about social media services that are popular outside of the United States, Facebook is still the king of the social mount throughout the world. If you are planning an international campaign, Facebook is a good place to start. However, marketing on Facebook internationally is not exactly the same as marketing on Facebook in the United States.

Here is what you need to take into account when you use Facebook market around the world.


Laws vary worldwide and you need to be familiar with how they vary before you enter into any campaign. This may seem obvious when thinking about other marketing campaigns but you need to keep compliance in mind for your FB campaigns as well. Issues like censorship can sink your international campaigns before they start.


Facebook is less competitive abroad than it is in the United States. Specifically, in growing markets like Asia and Latin America, fewer companies are using Facebook ads, meaning your ad dollars will go farther than they would in the United States. The return on investment in international markets can be much higher than it is domestically.


Remember to keep cultural differences in mind. An image of a rebellious youth that would play well in the United States might not resonate the same way in South Korea.


This goes along with culture but make sure when you translate your copy into a foreign language that it is grammatically correct. There is nothing more embarrassing than posting an FB campaign in a foreign country with bad grammar.

Functionality variations.

Facebook is largely the same abroad as it is in the States, however, there are some differences in functionality. For instance, Facebook often rolls out new features in the US before it releases them internationally. New features and apps (like Facebook Paper for example) may not be available internationally.