Facebook Fans: Who’s Worth the Most?

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I came across a question on Quora the other day that reflects a misconception that some social media marketers still have regarding Facebook fans: Is one gender of Facebook users worth more than the other? Let’s see if we can answer this question once and for all.

Yes, there are differences between men and women Facebook fans.

We know this from the way that both sexes engage with brands and social sites. Generally, guys tend to spend less time and engage less on Facebook than women do. Does this mean that it can be more difficult to get and keep male fans? Yes. Does it mean that women are more likely to engage with pages on a regular basis? Yes. Does it mean that women are more valuable fans than men? Not necessarily.

Who is your target audience?

In the end, what matters is whether or not you’re reaching your target audience. The fans that are going to be worth most to your brand are the fans that fit your target audience and engage with you on a regular basis. Are your products made primarily for men? Women? Millennials? Boomers?

Who are your MVFs (Most Valuable Fans)?

Once you’ve established who your target audience is, the Facebook fans that fit that profile will undoubtedly be worth the most to your brand. The fans who fit this profile while engaging with your posts, providing feedback and recommendations, and making regular purchases will be your most valuable fans, regardless of gender.

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