Turn Your Contact List Into a Facebook Ads Custom Audience

custom audience

Last week, Facebook rolled out its Custom Audience feature to all ad formats, opening up a new world of possibilities to big and small brands alike. With this newly expanded feature, brand marketers can upload contact lists and use them to find and target (or not target) current customers. So far, brand marketers can either upload the contact list as a data list, or import contacts directly from MailChimp.

Although the expanded nature for this feature is big news, many brands are still wondering how, if at all, it will change their Facebook ads strategy. Here’s how it could:

Better targeting for non-customers.

If you’re doing a campaign targeted at building your customer base, you definitely don’t want to target current customers. Not only will it not be applicable to them, if your new customer introductory rate is a better deal than what they received, they might even resent it. Instead, upload your contact list and use it to filter out your current customers on Facebook, allowing you to only target potential new buyers.

Loyalty targeting for current customers.

Do you offer discounts or targeted deals to current customers? Reach them more effectively by uploading your contact list and using it to specifically target them. Own a bridal boutique? Target brides who have already bought their gowns with offers for bridesmaid dresses. These targeted ads will reach your audience effectively and help encourage purchases.

Better targeting to encourage referrals.

Looking for referrals? Target your current customers with an ad that encourages discounts for new customers who were recommended by current customers. If the content the ad points to is easily sharable, you’ll make the process simple for both you and your current customers to help spread the word.


Will this expanded feature change the kind of ads you create? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.