Facebook Conversations Gets Ready for Primetime

facebook conversations

Select news organizations and broadcasters now have the ability to incorporate and gather data from Facebook conversations and content into their broadcasts. In a post by¬†Justin Osofsky, VP, Media Partnerships and Online Operations, the social networking giant announced that they’ve opened up a new way to integrate social with more traditional types of media. The tool is currently available to a select group of partners, and allows users to share publicly displayed posts about a given topic, analyze the number of Facebook conversations revolving around a certain topic, and even view a demographic breakdown.

This tool introduction can stand to open up a new world of online conversations for TV brand users. Between 88 and 100 million Facebook users log in to the site during the primetime hours of 8 pm and 11 pm, and with 245 million interactions revolving around the last Super Bowl alone, there is a wealth of content that brands will be able to mine. What could this mean for brands? The ability to see all public Facebook conversations around an event, the ability to gather data about those conversation starters, and the sentiment surrounding the events themselves.

Currently, only select partners like CNN and Slate have access to the Public Feed API and the Keyword Insights API. Although access to the tools is limited, the site will begin expanding access to more partners in coming weeks.

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