Etsy MBA: How Etsy Promotes Entrepreneurship (infographic)

Online storefront Etsy provides an effortless ecommerce layout to promote and sell handcrafted, vintage, and re-purposed items. But Etsy users aren’t stopping there.

Ebay remains a popular selling outlet linked to various Etsy shops, plus the emergence of Pinterest has helped sellers discover additional selling opportunities. According to the infographic below, Etsy is the most pinned site on Pinterest, and sales have increased a full 71% in just one year (from 2010-2011).

The source of the infographic mbaonline.com teaches lessons in “business wisdom” by providing articles and advice to aspiring individuals so they can teach themselves. By following online trends, this site found that Etsy is turning DIYers into business-minded social-savvy marketers. Artists, painters and jewelers are mixing business with pleasure by turning crafts into commerce with an average of 2,900,000 items sold each month.

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