Employees refer to discontinued $10 billion Apple Car project as a ‘Titanic disaster’

## The Unveiling of Project Titan: A $10 billion Apple Car Saga

Apple’s journey into the automobile industry with the so-called ‘Project Titan’ has been an intriguing tale of ambition, innovation, and realignment. The project, which has cost the tech giant approximately $10 billion over a decade, was all about creating an Apple-branded car to rival Tesla. However, it has been met with considerable challenges, leading many employees to view it as somewhat of a ‘Titanic disaster’.

The Birth and Death of the Apple Car

In its nascent stage, Apple’s Project Titan was seen as a promising venture. The company had just completed work on the Apple Watch and was looking to take on a new challenge. With Google and other Silicon Valley giants pushing into the electric vehicle market, it seemed natural for Apple to follow suit.

Unfortunately, after a decade of research and development, Apple found itself no closer to releasing a full self-driving vehicle than Tesla or any other competitor. The unpredictable behavior of human drivers proved too complex for even the most advanced AI algorithms to handle reliably.

A Titanic Disaster or a Strategic Realignment?

While the term ‘Titanic disaster’ might seem harsh, it’s important to note that the perceived failure of Project Titan isn’t entirely negative. The $10 billion investment in Project Titan hasn’t gone to waste; instead, it has provided a wealth of knowledge and insights that will continue to benefit Apple’s foray into artificial intelligence (AI).

Reallocating Resources: The Future of AI at Apple

Indeed, Apple’s decision to abandon Project Titan was less about the engineering challenges and more about the financial feasibility. While building an electric car at Level 2 autonomy is entirely possible for Apple, selling such vehicles at its expected margins proved untenable, given the declining EV market and stiff competition.

Consequently, Apple has embarked on a strategic realignment. While some members of the Project Titan team may face layoffs, others are being reassigned to AI projects or encouraged to apply for other positions within the company.


Even though Apple’s car project may not have taken off as expected, the company’s efforts have not been in vain. The lessons learned, and the technological advances made during this decade-long journey will undoubtedly serve to bolster Apple’s future AI endeavors.

And who knows? If Apple ever decides to revisit the idea of an Apple Car, much of the groundwork has already been laid.

Questions & Answers

  1. What was Project Titan?
    Project Titan was an ambitious project by Apple to build a self-driving car that could compete with Tesla and other electric vehicle manufacturers.

  2. Why did Apple discontinue Project Titan?
    The decision was primarily financial. The company discovered it would not be able to sell its vehicles at the expected profit margins due to the declining EV market and aggressive competition.

  3. What is happening to the team members of Project Titan?
    Some may face layoffs, while others are being reassigned to AI projects or encouraged to apply for other roles within the company.

  4. Is there any possibility of Apple revisiting the Apple Car project?
    While there are no current plans, the groundwork has been laid should the company decide to revisit the concept in the future.

  5. Has the $10 billion invested in Project Titan gone to waste?
    No, the investment has not gone to waste. The technological advancements and insights gained from Project Titan will continue to benefit Apple’s AI endeavors.Employees refer to discontinued $10 billion Apple Car project as a 'Titanic disaster'