Digital Marketing Toolbox: Clue App

Clue App

Like it or not, few people see your website exactly as you do. That blog tab or “buy now” button that you spent hours perfecting probably isn’t as obvious to a first-time visitor as it is to you. Want to see which page elements actually stand out to people? As is usually the answer in digital marketing, the best way to find out is through testing.

Clue App creates fast memory tests for screenshots of your webpage. You can invite members of your audience to take the test (it lasts all of 5½ seconds) and then see exactly what terms or themes they recall afterwards.

Here’s a closer look at how Clue App works:

 1. Create your test

Clue App Create

2. Share your test

Clue App Share

3. Testers view a  screenshot of your website…

Clue App Test

4. …and write down what they remember

Clue App Remember

5. You see the most remembered words and phrases from your page

Clue App Results

6. Optimize!

Now take these learnings and apply them to improve the experience users have on your website. You could also try comparing different versions of a page, or comparing your site to your competitor’s. Want to see how it works? Try our Clue App test here.