David’s Bridal Masters Post-Purchase CRM

post-purchase crm

When you buy a wedding dress, the hope is that you won’t have to buy another one. The folks at David’s Bridal know that well, but that doesn’t mean they disregard CRM after the dress is bought and fitted. Instead, they turn their attention to helping the bride (and groom) on the journey to the aisle through a series of email blasts titled Wedding Solutions. Wedding Solutions is focused on guiding the couple through the prep and planning process according to how close they are to their wedding day. It’s the perfect way to exercise post-purchase CRM. Here’s why it works so well.

It’s tailored to the customer’s needs

post-purchase crm

When a customer buys her dress from David’s Bridal, she also tells them the date of her wedding. By making a note of that, the CRM/email marketing team can tailor their emails to make them more applicable to the problems she might be running into, or the decisions she might be facing. By gauging what her needs might be, the team can craft an email and content that will resonate much more with the recipient than some flash sale email blast. On that note…

It’s focused on being helpful, not a sales pitch

post-purchase crm

The content included in the emails isn’t necessarily focused on selling a product. Instead, it’s mostly focused on providing checklists, advice and suggestions. Although there are opportunities for money to be made in some of the blasts, it’s not in the form of convincing the recipient she needs more accessories, or another style of bridesmaid dress. Instead it’s focused on purchases she might be making soon, like choosing a honeymoon destination, and then providing suggestions around it. Because it’s presented this way, it provides…

An opportunity to promote partners in a useful way

post-purchase crm

You can’t book your honeymoon with David’s Bridal, but they’re making it so that you don’t have to go far. The format of the Wedding Solutions email allows for the opportunity to showcase partners and their services, but in a way that would actually interest the recipient and be relevant for what decisions they’re facing. It’s less obvious than a banner ad and, undoubtedly, more effective.

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