Cover Images Coming to LinkedIn Company Pages

If you’ve set up a LinkedIn profile for your company, you know that they aren’t much to look at. Lucky for us, there’s a bit of a refresh in the works, as LinkedIn just announced its new and improved profiles.

The updates are mostly aesthetic in nature. Here’s a look at old versus new company pages on LinkedIn:

New LinkedIn Company Page

New LinkedIn company page features include:

  • A large cover image similar to those on Facebook and Google Plus.
  • Instead of clunky tabs, all content is now immediately visible (and clickable) directly on the profile, which means users no longer have to click through to see important information like Products and Services or Jobs
  • Company pages can now be viewed via iOS and Android devices
The company careers page also got a bit of a makeover, and now also has a large cover photo. Check out the American Express example below.

New Linkedin Careers Page

Unfortunately most of us will have to wait until later this year to get our hands on the new company pages. LinkedIn rolled out the updates to a few lucky companies this week, including Philips, Citi, HP and Dell, while American Express, Unilever and Expedia are trying out the new Careers pages.