Convincing Visitors to Sign Up for Your Newsletter

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It’s one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, but email remains a promising method for tuning visitors into regularly scheduled brand messaging. We mentioned Hello Bar a few weeks back as a subtle way to invite users to sign up for your newsletter, but if you’re looking to catch the attention of less observant visitors, a larger newsletter signup prompt can do the trick. Pretty pictures, fun newsletter names, and pleasing colors are a no-brainer, but the right message is equally if not more important. These four approaches effectively demonstrate the value of your email updates to potential subscribers.

Highlight exclusive information

The exclusivity factor goes a long way when it comes to subscriptions, especially for enthusiastic fans. Let users know that by signing up for your newsletter they’ll be privy to information that others aren’t — because there’s just something undeniably appealing about “being the first to know.”

Newsletter Signup Toms

Set frequency expectations

When it comes to the protection of easily-clogged inboxes, users need to know exactly what to expect. Will you send one email a month? One a week? Three a day? Not only will this make users feel more comfortable during the signup process, it might actually make them less likely to spitefully click the spam button later on — because hey, you warned ’em.

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Demonstrate the quality of your content

Users need to see the value in offering up their email address. Urban Outfitters demonstrates that value by letting users see exactly the kind of content they’ll receive, thanks to a thumbnail gallery of past newsletters. Whether your updates involve great content or attractive graphics, take this opportunity to show that off to potential subscribers.

Email Signup UORemove the question mark

Buffer App uses careful timing and language to attain users’ email addresses. I signed up for the app via social login, so the process was quick and there was no initial email request. Several days later this prompt appeared as I used the tool.¬†As you can see, Buffer frames email address solicitation as a logical next step rather than an optional request. “Complete your account” replaces the pandering “give us your info?”

Email Signup Buffer

Getting subscribers is only the first step in an effective email marketing program. For tips on what to do next, check out our email marketing guide.