3 Tips to Connect Employees to Your Content


We’ve talked about the importance of user-generated content and while it’s great to get your customers involved, it can be just as helpful to involve your employees. Now, we’re not saying that you should become friends with your employees on Facebook or force them to interact with your networks, but there are a few simple ways to let your employees contribute to your online presence. The right type of involvement can turn your employees into the best brand ambassadors (without seeming forced) and show a different side of your company culture that may not come through all the time.

Emphasize Your Employees as Your Brand

This happens a bit easier for Akira. The Chicago retailer features tons of behind-the-scenes shots from fashion shows, parties, store openings, etc. If you search for #akirachicago on Instagram, you’ll find tons of posts from the employees trying on clothes themselves and coming up with fantastic outfits. By marketing their skills as personal shoppers, they emphasize the Akira brand and also create a connection with Akira fans.

Talk About Your Employees

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 9.54.01 AM

Give a shoutout to a specific employee, or post his or her burpee contest on your page. The Wormhole has a great excuse to talk about specific employees since it’s a local coffeehouse where customers connect to individual baristas. Based on the above post alone, you can probably guess that the Wormhole has a very distinct brand personality, and they do. It’s fantastic that they can show it through their own employees.

Introduce Your Employees

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This one is super simple, and you already see tons of brands doing it. Just introduce your new employees or interns! They’ll feel special and your customers will get to know something beyond your products. Prospective employees can see an example of the work culture and those that you hire as well.
What are some other examples of brands using their employees for content? Feel free to share in the comments.