Community Managers Rejoice Over Release of Facebook Pages Manager iPhone App

The debut of the Facebook Pages Manager app in New Zealand late last week taunted community managers of the world with an extremely limited release and lack of details here in the US. We didn’t have to wait too long though; Pages Manager for iPhone is now available brand page managers throughout America.

While the general Facebook app had some brand management functionalities, it lacked in many important areas. The Pages Manager app includes a few new features:

  • Basic access to Facebook Insights
  • Notifications specifically for the brand page
  • New likes notifications specifically for the brand page
  • Ability to post status and photos (also available on the general Facebook app)
One general complaint about the app is the lack of access to Page messages. Hopefully with the next round of updates Facebook will address the bugs and add important functionalities.

Community managers seem to be pretty excited about the introduction of Pages Manager, as it will make updating on the go much easier. We discussed the debut with former lonelybrand intern Colie Lumbreras, who now works as a Social Media Coordinator for YAM Management. “I like the fact that I can manage my page from anywhere with an app, versus signing into Facebook on Safari. It just makes my life easier. I manage 5 different pages currently, so I can share pictures and updates immediately versus waiting until I get to a computer. I just hope this app doesn’t have the same problems the Facebook app has (slow, glitches, random shut downs).”

Facebook page manager iphone app Facebook page manager iphone app Facebook page manager iphone app

Facebook Pages Manager is free in the App Store, but currently only available on the iPhone. Community managers, what is your initial reaction to the app?