Windy City Icons Commemorate Chicago’s Birthday via Social Media

chicago birthday

Yesterday was a crazy day for Chicago. Not only were Chicagoans in a party mood because of Fat Tuesday, yesterday marked the city’s 177th birthday. With a Mardi Gras-themed birthday party lighting up Daley Plaza, a number of brands and institutions chose sent their birthday greetings digitally, instead. A few Chicago icons in particular did so in ways that were uniquely their own (and that spurred a lot of engagement from fans and followers).

The Field Museum’s bronze brachiosaurus has been known to don a jersey or two in support of his favorite hometown teams, but in this post, he simply looks over the iconic skyline while the city sleeps. With the iconic skyline, the brachiosaurus, and the history of the museum itself (which was originally built to commemorate the 1893 World’s Fair), this one post contains a lot of history. It’s a great image, symbolizing the bridge between the city’s ancient past, and the city’s present, and one that, judging by the engagement numbers, resonated with a lot of users.

Like Field, the Art Institute acts as a bridge between the city’s past and present, not just in terms of the art and artifacts it houses, but in terms of the building’s age itself. Rather than highlight it’s own architecture, though, the Art Institute chose to highlight a photo from its collection that encapsulates a moment in Chicago’s history, and still manages to strike an emotional chord with viewers. The added request for input from new and old Chicago residents worked to increase the posts’s engagement even more.

The history and legend surrounding the Cubs is an intrinsic part of the history of Chicago…even if you’re a Sox fan. With a history that spans 144 years itself, the Cubs remain an iconic Chicago team, and Wrigley remains an iconic Chicago landmark. Combine Wrigley and the city’s birthday, and you’ve got a sure-fire Facebook hit — one that will appeal to even non-sports fans.

Did you spot any other great birthday greetings from iconic Chicago institutions? Share them with us in the comments below. Or, if you’re wondering how to celebrate your own brand’s birthday, find some inspiration here.