Bullet Earbuds Worth Buying – And Odd Roundup of Bullet Headphones

Bullet earbuds and bullet headphones made from real shell casings? What could possibly go wrong…

Ever think about putting a bullet in your ear? If that question isn’t a total turnoff, you may be interested to know that you can – safely and economically – buy or DIY earbuds made from empty bullet casings. This odd trend is fairly new, and has produced a myriad of product options that come in a variety of prices and quality levels.

Bullet Earbuds Roundup – The Best Bullet Earbuds and Bullet Headphones on the Market Today

First, let’s take a look at how people are turning .40 caliber shell casings into state of the art bullet earbuds. This video should reveal some of the craft behind the finished product. It may also give you a good idea how to make your own at home.

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Clearly it’s not a task for rocket scientists, but does have some steps that will require power tools and a knowledge of working with metal and wire.

How to make your own bullet earbuds in 7 simple steps:

  1. Clamp two bullet cartridges (.40 or .45 caliber will both work) firmly in place and use a 2mm drill bit to drill holes in the rim of the shell casing. Try using a punch to create a dent that will allow the drill to cleanly enter the casing. Don’t amp the drill up to maximum speed until you are already beginning to cut in. Padding the vice will also help keep the bullet casings scratch free and looking nice for the end product.
  2. Next, use a larger 9mm drill bit inside the bullet cartridge to cut out more room for wires and equipment. You don’t want to drill through the end of the cartridge, but just expand the internal area enough to allow for equipment to be inserted.
  3. Order a pair of cheap earbuds. Try this model. You may want to order more than one incase something goes wrong the first time you attempt to DIY bullet earbuds.
  4. Polish and varnish the bullet cartridges with an isolating barrier to protect the finish from moisture and scratching. I recommend using ProtectaClear metal coating for this purpose, as it goes on easily and dries quickly. You’ll find many other uses around the house for this product, so don’t worry about not using up the can. Be sure to coat the inside and outside of the cartridges. Moisture from the elements as well as your ears can easily damage unprotected bullet headphones over time.
  5. Clamp the cheap earbuds in a vice and then carefully separate the rubber protective barrier using a sharp hobby knife. Once the speakers and rubber ear pieces have been removed, cut the copper wires from the case.
  6. Pull the copper wires through the holes you drilled in the bullet casings, and then solder them back on to the earbuds speakers. Insert the entire assembly into the bullet casing, and then use dabs of craft adhesive where necessary to attach the components.
  7. That’s it! Plug and play. Your new bullet headphones should end up costing between $25-40 in materials depending on how many tools you already have. Seems easy if you are crafty, but if not…

Bullet Earbuds and Bullet Headphones You Can Buy Right Now

Ready to take the leap now? Here are the best bullet earbuds and bullet headphones products on the market today.

1. Munitio NINES Tactical Bullet Earbuds with Mic

Munitio NINES priced atĀ 

The NINES are gorgeous. Those silver mirror finishes, custom etched phoenix logo, and overall best in class sound quality land them top position in our roundup of bullet headphones. You can pick them up for a reasonably inexpensive price for what you get. They even come in a stunning matte black finish, something we have never seen before in other bullet headphones products.

Added touches bring more value to the equation. Braided cabling prevents tangles from forming. High quality silicone ear pieces are soft and comfortable to wear even during longer sessions. And the included travel carrying pouch has a cool, tactical look that is represented in the earbuds themselves.

Simply put: if you want some of the most unique bullet headphones on the market today, Munitio has you covered.

2. GGMM Nightingale All Metal EarbudsĀ 

bullet earbuds headphones

Image courtesy of GMM Nightingale

GGMM Nightingale priced at

If you’re bargain hunting and don’t mind getting the look of bullet earbuds without the real thing, GGMM has you covered. The Nightingale earbuds offer pretty good sound with an all-metal enclosure that looks kind of like a bullet casing. The gold finish adds a nice touch to otherwise standard earbuds.

You’ll also find a basic carrying pouch, several interchangeable ear tips, and comprehensive warranty included in the box. While nice, it’s definitely in line with a bargain priced set of earbuds. GGMM also offers three cord colors, including a cherry red with gunmetal colorway that adds to the appeal of these bullet earbuds.

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