6 Brands to Watch on Vine Now that Android’s On Board

Vine Android

On June 3 Vine invited Android users to join the 6-second looping video platform. The app has been available to iOS users since January 2013, and managing to acquire 13 million users in that short timeframe. Tech pundits are predicting that we’ll see a huge surge in signups now that Vine is available on the two biggest operating systems, mirroring what happend back in April of 2012 when Instagram launched on Android, adding a million new users in a 12-hour period.

The Android version of Vine works just like its iOS counterpart, minus a few features that are said to be coming soon (push notifications, front facing camera, hashtags). Unlike iOS, Android will have zooming capabilities to add another layer to the depth to videos.

In the next few months, we might just see Vine move from a tech sector fad to a mainstream form of communication. To draw another Instagram comparison, as quirky as the photo filter app seemed back in 2010, it’s now used by over 100 million people around the world. For now though, Vine seems to be a great place to express a bit of creativity and get a bit of attention from the early adopter crowd. Without the momentum to carry campaigns or promotions on its own, Vine videos can be easily support with a bit of cross promotion on other networks. Here are a few brands to follow to get your creative juices flowing.

6 Brands to Watch on Vine

1. The Newsjacker: Samsung

2. The Product Showcaser: Target

3. The UGC Master: Mashable

4. The Legacy Brand: MLB

5. The Behind the Scenes Look: Oscar PR Girl

6. The Contest King: Dunkin Donuts