Gold Headphones Roundup: This Bling Will Make You Sing!

Rose gold headphones really say something about a person. Maybe you bought that special edition MacBook or iPhone and obsess over matching equipment. Maybe you love the color gold for it’s association with luxury and style. Or maybe you just like shiny things and need to add rose gold headphones to your horde of treasure. Either way, we’ve rounded up the best rose gold headphones, gold headphones, and accessories to help you make more stylish listening decisions.

1. Beats Rose Gold Headphones: Solo3 Edition – 

Rose Gold Headphones

Image Courtesy of Beats

When it comes to style, Beats always land near the top of the list. And in our rose gold headphones roundup they take the number one spot. There’s a few reasons the on ear Solo3 version of Beats’ most popular line live up to the hype. Rose gold coloring just isn’t cool unless the product is made well. That means using metals, not plastics, and creating a true gold texture. That slightly brushed, luxurious, and ever so perfectly matte luster is something you can’t fake. Beats’ Solo3 Rose Gold Headphones accomplish this by using lightweight metals like aluminum and stainless steel. Coloring looks and feels premium, and of course you’ll also pay a premium price. Did you really expect rose gold headphones to be cheap?

Beats Rose Gold Headphones: with Free Shipping


  • Premium sound quality and style. There’s no denying Beats gets it right in the sound department. No expense has been spared on the Solo3. The fine-tuned acoustics driver brings you clear, rich, and simply glorious sound right out of the box. Bass is truly excellent too, and stands up well to headphones specifically tuned for bass. The white accent ear cups and interior also make the rose gold coloring pop. And if rose gold headphones aren’t your thing, there are literally 12 other colors to choose from at the same price point.
  • Wireless is standard. The Solo3 feature Bluetooth wireless technology standard, and use the latest hardware to deliver high quality wireless sound. When we compiled our roundup of best Bluetooth headphones, we ran into more than a few models that had problems with sound quality in wireless mode. Thankfully, Beats gets it right and delivers a rich experience without the cord. Battery life is excellent as well at approximately 40 hours of playback time. This number will vary depending on volume and use style.
  • High quality accessories included. Beats includes a slick carrying case as well as standard USB charging cable with the Solo3. Of note, you’ll also receive a RemoteTalk cable, which is Beats’ proprietary wired solution that also allows you to take calls with the headphones. That means you’ll need to plug them in to use the cable, but it can come in handy when traveling or listening to a non Bluetooth device.


  • A tab bit heavy. Your mileage may vary on this takeaway. It may be my neck muscles needing a bit of a workout, but after wearing Beats Solo3 for an extended period of time and in a number of situations I felt they were a bit heavy compared to others I have tested in the wireless headphones category. These may not be the headphones for those suffering from constant neck strain, though I may have just been having a bad day.
  • Expensive AF. When the Beats name is involved you know you’ll be paying a premium. But for the money you get a lot of quality, durability, and style. Part of wearing a set of rose gold headphones is letting everybody around you know that you’re wearing a pair of rose gold headphones, right? Still, price has to be an overall negative, since there really aren’t any other negatives of note.

2. BlueAnt Pump Zone Rose Gold Headphones – 

Gold Headphones

Image courtesy of BlueAnt

If you’re looking for some of the style of Beats Solo3 without the hefty price tag, BlueAnt’s latest offering may pique your interest. The Pump Zone over ear headphones have a deep, metallic rose gold band that’s slightly flecked. That creates a cool, very authentic looking sparkly effect. Combined with the black materials that finish the look, these headphones are dressed to party, and may be better suited to evening wear than daytime jam sessions. Though the BlueAnt brand is relatively new, they have made a name for themselves in the premium audio products department, with highly rated and reviewed earbuds, headphones, and more.

BlueAnt Pump Zone Rose Gold Headphones: Priced at with Free Shipping


  • Firm, comfortable grip made for working out. These headphone stick to your head and feature a lightweight design that minimized metal and heavier materials in favor of plastics. That may be a turn off to some, but the end result is wearable headphones that will keep aligned during rigorous workout sessions. Waterproof coating on the earcups also helps mitigate any issues that could result from moisture buildup. Basically, BlueAnt wants you to look good while you’re getting in shape!
  • Big, loud bass. The Pump Zone rose gold headphones are the bruisers of the audio world. They’re loud, with fairly crisp highs and lows. Bass in particular is brain-shaking, which may motivate you to keep moving during those intense workouts.


  • No corded option. That’s right, the Pump Zone headphones Bluetooth only. No wires allowed. It’s expected in the lower price points to have some features and hardware excluded, and this is a perfect example. You’ll need to make sure your playback device is Bluetooth compatible in order to use BlueAnt’s rose gold headphones, which shouldn’t post any problem if your smartphone is your primary device.
  • Few color choices. Rose gold headphones may not be your thing. But unlike Beats’ exhaustive color options, the Pump Zone comes in just three. Normally that wouldn’t be a major drawback, but you did come here looking for stylish headphones, and we didn’t want to disappoint.