Best Online Communities: Being Latino

being latino

As we’ve mentioned before, Latino social media is not like any other social media. What does that mean exactly? A great example comes from online community, Being Latino. Created by Lance Ríos, the community now boasts over 700,000 fans on its four Facebook pages, and serves as a staple for Latino community and culture.

Ríos developed the Being Latino in 2009 to talk about Latino culture, history, and social issues. On the tremendous budget of $0, he developed a following and expanded to different social networks, acquiring over 100,000 fans in one year. To better understand the idea behind these communities, we included the introductory video below.

What’s even more impressive than Being Latino’s follower count is the engagement. The main Being Latino Facebook page features a mix of memes, Latino news, recipes, and curated content. There is a mix of English and Spanish use on the page, and even some Spanglish.

Being Latino

As a community for a specific audience, Being Latino relates to very specific parts of the Latino culture. The above post mentioning hot chocolate with cheese is tied to Colombia and Ecuador, while in other Latin countries, you may have fresh pan con mantequilla (bread and butter) or churros.

The Brand Lesson

Many times, brands can confuse creating a Latino experience with just one country, or one idea of the Latino audience. But it’s huge, and varied, and requires a ton of research. To create a community that truly engages with your Latino audience, it’s important to bring in a variety of experts, preferably from different backgrounds. You can also conduct a focus group or in-depth interviews with a variety of Latino customers to find out what relates best. Ask for stories from their childhoods, that is certain to bring up some terrific insights.

Being Latino is only one community in the lineup; stay tuned as we explore its related communities: DigiBunch, Latina Mom Bloggers, and Hispanicize.