3 B2B Companies Using Instagram Effectively

b2b Instagram

Some B2B marketers may still be hesitant to try Instagram, a tool that has been dominated by B2C companies. General Electric stands as the major example for B2B companies on Instagram (and every other form of social media as well pretty much), but we’re seeing more and more great examples every day. For B2B Instagram inspiration, we give you three more fantastic examples:


Marketing software company Marketo features great behind-the-scenes images, connecting everything back to their brand and other campaigns. Their Instagram profile is a great way to view a snapshot of their culture, events, and contests all at once.


Zendesk, a customer service software company, features words of encouragement for its audience. The images are easily shareable, relatable, and simple enough to view on the way to work. Zendesk also scores bonus points for their videos showing company culture, including a chocolate fountain party – yum.



Shoutlet, an enterprise social media marketing platform, features great event coverage, like their Sales Director speaking on visual content. It’s important for B2B brands to showcase their expertise in a variety of ways, and Shoutlet does this very well. Shoutlet also includes lots of great culture shots and makes appropriate use of hashtags.

The most important thing to remember with Instagram is to have fun, honestly. The most engaging brands on Instagram feature a mix of informative and entertaining content. What do you think are the key ingredients for creating an engaging Instagram account?