How Automotive Brands Can Use Social Media to Connect with Auto Enthusiasts


When people love cars, they often prioritize that love over things that seem more practical. People assume that nice cars are expensive, and they assume that the car they want to own is one they will never find. However, there is a whole world of vehicles out there that people can enjoy if they are given a chance to find it. When auto brands delve into the world of social media, they can create a place where automotive enthusiasts are able to find the models that they might actually want to buy.


Market Your Lineup

When people work in the automotive world, they are exposed to all manner of models that can be sold to potential customers. These models are often not too expensive for regular people to buy, and some are ripe for refurbishing. An auto lineup can be marketed online to encourage car enthusiasts to take a look. Social media is the easiest way to reach these people.


Your Account Page

You can set up a page for your business on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook. Each of these websites provides you with a free way to market your lineup of automobiles. You can post pictures to Instagram of items that are new, or have been refurbished, or need a loving home. A potential customer could easily flip through the gallery and see the one thing they have been looking for. If you have a website like doortodoorcars.com.au, then you need to be sure to link to it from each of your social media profiles.


You can post pictures to Twitter, and you can hashtag them with the name of the model, the year, or the name of your business. When you hashtag correctly on your Twitter account, people are more likely to find your business.


Your Facebook page can feature information about new and exciting vehicles that you have found. Also, that page can lead people to your Twitter and Instagram accounts. You can put your physical address on Facebook, and you can post information about your services.


Tumblr is a place where you will run into a young audience that might be interested in spending their disposable income on a vehicle. You can post pictures, make videos and forward people to your other social media accounts. In essence, you are creating a circle of marketing that people are unlikely to miss.


Your car sales business is one that people will find refreshing and exciting if they find you through social media. Your business becomes approachable, easy to work with and budget-friendly for people who love cars but are afraid to spend money.