Apple’s Vision Pro Now Available for International Purchase for the First Time

Apple’s Vision Pro Now Available for International Purchase for the First Time## Apple’s Vision Pro Now Open for International Purchase

Apple has extended the reach of its Vision Pro headset to international markets, a notable advance for the company. This $3,499 “spatial computing” headset, initially launched in the U.S. in February, is now accessible in several countries outside the U.S. This expansion aims to assess global interest in Apple’s latest technology and could pave the way for future developments in augmented reality (AR).

Initial International Availability

The first phase of international availability now includes China, Japan, and Singapore. These regions can now purchase the Vision Pro headset, which has received mixed feedback since its debut. While its technical capabilities have been lauded, its high cost and limited use cases have been criticized.

Expanding on July 12

A second phase will commence on July 12, extending availability to Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Apple’s staggered release approach will help the company evaluate market responses and potentially make modifications before a wider global launch.

Technical Reviews and Potential

Since its initial evaluation in February, the Vision Pro has been praised for its advanced technical features. It is particularly effective as a personal entertainment device for frequent travelers. However, its uses in productivity and gaming remain limited, prompting debates over its worth given the steep price.

Future Plans and Speculations

There are mixed reports regarding Apple’s plans for its mixed reality devices. Some rumors indicate that Apple might have paused the development of a new Vision Pro version to focus on a more affordable model, possibly releasing in 2025. Conversely, Bloomberg has noted that the Vision Pro 2 is delayed while a cheaper variant will be introduced first.

Market Strategy and Pricing

For AR to be the significant computing revolution that Apple CEO Tim Cook envisions, broader availability and lower prices are essential. This international rollout is a critical step in testing whether there is a market for such a premium AR device globally.


The Vision Pro headset from Apple is now available internationally for the first time, representing a major step in the company’s efforts to mainstream augmented reality. Although the device shows potential as an entertainment gadget, its high cost and limited functionalities in other areas have dampened excitement. The impending second wave of availability and subsequent developments will be crucial in determining whether the Vision Pro can achieve broad adoption.

Q&A Session

What is the Apple Vision Pro?

The Apple Vision Pro is a $3,499 “spatial computing” device for AR applications. Initially launched in the U.S. in February, it has now expanded to international markets.

Which countries are part of the first wave of international availability?

The first wave includes China, Japan, and Singapore.

When is the second wave of availability?

The second wave begins on July 12 and will include Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

What are some key features of the Vision Pro?

The Vision Pro is recognized for its advanced technical capabilities, particularly as a personal entertainment device for frequent travelers. However, its productivity and gaming applications are still limited.

Are there plans for a less expensive version of the Vision Pro?

There are mixed reports. Some suggest Apple is working on a more affordable version for a 2025 release, while others indicate the Vision Pro 2 has been delayed but will precede a cheaper model.

Why is the international rollout important?

The international rollout permits Apple to gauge global interest in the Vision Pro and collect feedback that could influence future developments and pricing strategies.

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