Apple’s Tumblr Debut Has Us Seeing Spots

apple banner

Apple is one tech giant that has managed to make its way through the digital age without social media accounts to back it up. Unlike its competitors, and the vast majority of brands in other industries, Apple hasn’t felt the need to create a Facebook or Twitter account…until now.

With the introduction of the isee5c Tumblr account, Apple has official transitioned into the social realm. The page boasts the tagline “Every color has a story” and features the bright shades adorning the iPhone 5c and its accompanying cases. What it doesn’t feature, though, is a collection of still images or gifs. Instead, it highlights color stories in the form of short animated videos. New visitors to the page are greeted by colorful animations. Hovering over an animated section brings up a play button, and when ‘play’ is clicked, the section enlarges and plays the full short-form video, with the title of the story closing out the video.

apple's tumblr

The animations are clever and well done, and the theme of the page definitely sets it apart from competitor brands and their own pages. The ‘coming soon’ teaser panel alludes to the fact that Apple plans on adding more animations as time goes on, but its unclear how long they will want/be willing to maintain it. Right now, the iPhone 5c is the brand’s hottest iPhone product, but when a new product debuts, will they find it necessary to revamp the page? Or even launch a new page for the new product?

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