6 Great Twitter Lessons We Learned From Alton Brown’s Account

alton brown wide

Some people take to Twitter so naturally that it seems like it was created just for them. Food aficionado Alton Brown is one of those people. The engagement he gets from his base of followers is incredible, as is the way he interacts with them. We took a closer look at his account and discovered six great practices that every brand should take note of.

Use humor that’s in keeping with your brand’s personality.

Humor + Twitter = A winning combination. Not only can it result in retweets and new followers, it also engages your current audience in a new, fun way. It’s always nice to break the flow of product plugs and serious content with something a bit more tongue in cheek. It can be a quote, a meme or even just a juxtaposition of photos, like Brown demonstrates so perfectly. Not only is his tweet funny, it’s in keeping with his personality — an important detail to note.

Give a shout-out to brands you love.

Alton loves his aprons. Loves them. So, in order to give the ladies behind his aprons a moment in the spotlight, he gave them a shout-out along with a pic of all of them together. Not only does this feel like a genuine endorsement, it also gives a favorite brand some much-deserved attention. Are there brands that you’re partners with or that you enjoy? Give them a shout-out! It can help improve your brand network while also (potentially) introducing you to that particular brand’s customers.

Think outside the box.

Although he still does normal 140-character tweets, Brown has also fully embraced this unique method of talking to his followers and fans — writing answers and drawing pictures on Post-It notes and then sharing them via photos. Although it may seem kind of strange to new followers, it allows Brown’s personality to come through even more. Ask yourself: “Is there a unique or clever way we can answer fans’ questions? Promote our product? Communicate to our audience?” By thinking outside the 140-character confines you can get fans to re-engage and pay attention.

Accept your fans’ requests.

Okay, you probably don’t get requests asking you to draw pictures of corgis, but the point is still applicable to your brand. By listening to your fans and being willing to “take requests,” you open up the line of communication and build trust between you and your audience. Maybe they have an idea for a new product. Maybe they have an improvement for a current product. Whatever it is, as long as you’re open to considering those requests, you’ll put yourself in good standing with your fans. And if you do take a suggestion, be sure to give credit when it’s due.

Be helpful.

Fans regularly turn to Brown for his advice on all things culinary. Although he undoubtedly has lots and lots of tweets to wade through, he still takes the time to answer a lot of the questions he receives. This may not exactly apply to what your brand offers, but try to be helpful whenever possible. This might mean tweeting tips on your own, or waiting for prompts from inquisitive followers. Whatever the case, be sure to offer that assistance.

Highlight your appreciation for your fans.

Last, but certainly not least, remember to show appreciation to your fans. Brown loves to showcase gifts from fans. Not only does it show his appreciation, it also gives that particular fan some time in the spotlight. By highlighting your own fans, you, once again, make the customer an important part of your brand as a whole.

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