5 Ways to Create a First Class Social Media Strategy For the Travel Industry


A company in the travel industry will definitely benefit from a strong social media presence. Here are five tactics that travel agency Destination Africa used to create a great social media strategy.

First of all, use pictures of customers.

Being a great travel agent is all about smiles on your customers’ faces. Pictures are worth 1000 words, and pictures of your customers are worth 1000 written testimonials. Customer pictures are particularly useful if they also include some of your branding. This kind of content serves as a very strong driver of social media relevance and page stickiness.

Second, use the proper social media channels.

Your newfound image driven content will be most effective if it is used on the proper social media channels. Websites like Pinterest specialize in pictures, giving your shots of happy customers the ability to go viral. Content from here can be repurposed to Twitter and given a funny caption and a relevant hashtag to reach even more people. No matter which channels you choose, make sure that you have a definite plan for your content.

Third, focus your content on the relevant audience.

If your travel agency currently has a great deal on the best travel destinations in Africa, then you want to focus your social media content on the audience that is looking for that service. Depending on the social network that you are using, you can incorporate hashtags or other markers to designate that this content is most relevant for people who are looking for the “best travel destinations in Africa.” Customers will be very happy that they have stumbled upon a business that seems to have read their mind.

Fourth, brand all of your content across social media platforms.

As you are sharing new content across your social media profiles, you need to brand it with a small logo in the corner or something similar. Continuing the example of Destination Africa’s travel packages, you will want your company logo to be visible to your potential clients once they have decided to click through and see exactly what this picture is all about.

Fifth, make sure that your content across all social media platforms is consistent

Human visitors and search engines pay much more attention to websites that are updated constantly. You want a steady stream of content on all of your social media sites. If you are worrying about updating all of those sites every day, do not fear. There are plenty of programs that allow you to update all of your social media sites at once and keep your content branded and consistent across platforms.

Creating a great social media strategy for your travel company does require an investment of time at the beginning in order to set up. However, the rewards that will reap from it are more than worth it. Whether you are selling travel packages to the best Africa destinations for you are looking to partner with successful cruise lines across the world, you will be able to target your audience and provide your partners with a steady stream of interested customers with the right social media content.