5 Great (Real) Facebook Pages to Follow Today



Recently, we highlighted 5 Great (Fake) Twitter accounts to follow. These accounts are works of satire that highlight how humor can be used to build a huge presence on Twitter. Today, we are going to look at 5 (Real) Facebook Pages. These pages have huge followings on Facebook, with “likes” coming out of their ears.


Facebook Pages You Should Follow Right Now:


I Fucking Love Science

Educational content is rapidly becoming huge business and IFLS is one of the best sources on the Internet for science content. Despite the vulgar name, IFLS does a ton right. They present educational content in a positive way to a passionate base. The content, despite its potentially overly technical nature, is presented in a fun, colloquial way.


Humans of New York

Humans of New York presents pictures of real people (originally just from NYC, but now expanded to include people from all over the world) along with a brief quote about their lives. The idea is simple but the content is incredibly compelling. Each quote is a fascinating insight into what it’s like to be a person.


Clickhole/The Onion

Content Marketers and journalists, prepare for your comeuppance. The Onion has been satirizing the news for a long time, but they recently launched Clickhole– a site that specifically sends up Upworthy, Buzzfeed, and all of the other content sites that thrive on clickbait headlines and curated content. You’ll laugh, and you might just cry looking at Clickholes articles.



Lots of brands have great Facebook pages, but do many of them have nearly 30 million likes? It obviously helps to hit that number if you have a passion brand like Nutella, but Nutella’s page is well-designed, and consistently provides quality content to the hazelnut spread’s hungry fans.


The Second City Network


For one more source of funny content to inspire your brand campaigns, check out the Second City Network. The Second City Theater in Chicago has been turning out great comedians since the 60’s- from John Belushi to Stephen Colbert. Now, they’ve taken to the digital realm with gusto, publishing hilarious blogs, videos, and every other kind of content under the sun.