4 Tips to Improve Your Instagram Strategy

instagram marketing strategy

With 90 million monthly users, Instagram provides marketers and brands with a huge audience just waiting to be reached. Of course, getting your content in front of these users is easier said than done. Luckily, we’ve found a few techniques to help get your precious pics in front of as many interested eyes as possible (while still getting you the credit your brand deserves). Expand your audience by taking a look at the tips below.

Add a watermark with iWatermark.

Take (subtle) ownership of your photos by adding a watermark. The iWatermark app (available for iPhone and Android) allows you to create and apply watermarks to photos before uploading them to your social sites. Adding a watermark will help discourage others from swiping your imagery, and having the ability to do it in your phone will make it less of a headache.

Add tags with InstagramTags.com

Whether you’re on Instagram or Twitter, you don’t want to go overboard with hashtags. Using a few well-chosen hashtags, though, could help get your pics in front of some new eyes. To get an idea of what’s trending at the moment, or what oft-used tags could apply to your brand, check out the InstagramTags site.

Make sure it’s linked to FB and Twitter and being shared across them.

Get the most bang for your buck and make sure that your Instagram account is connected to all of your brand’s social accounts. This will help ensure that every pic you take is being seen by as many eyes as possible. It also makes your social content more consistent and more visual.

Search and like photos using brand-related keywords.

You know your customers love your product, and chances are good that some have shared photos of it in use on Instagram. Find images by searching for brand and industry related keywords and then be sure to show them some love in the form of a like. Who knows, you may even come across visual content that you could share in some other context (just be sure to get their permission first!).

If you haven’t already added Instagram to your brand’s Facebook Timeline, learn how to do just that with our helpful guide.