4 Content Ideas for LinkedIn University Pages

linkedin university pages

The recent announcement that LinkedIn will be opening up its doors to younger high school students has raised some questions, namely for universities. Schools that were previously only targeting older students and alumni are now given the shot to appeal to a younger crowd. This can mean taking a major shift in the type of content your university’s marketing team shares, but it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming chore. We’ve laid out the types of content you should use to market to teenagers with LinkedIn University Pages.

Give examples of student life.

You know that there are a variety of reasons why a student would choose one school over another. Sometimes it comes down to academics, sometimes it comes down to aspects of student life. Make sure that you give your potential students a look at life on campus with a glimpse of dorm life, campus events and any other extra-curricular activities that will help paint a broader picture of what campus life will be like. This can be in the form of videos, blog posts reshared to LinkedIn University Pages, a link to a site-based photo album — anything that you can think of.

Give examples of helpful admissions content.

One of the biggest hurdles your potential students will have to face is the application process. Guide them through the confusion and list of requirements by tackling it in a series of posts. Help lay out what will be expected from them, or even create a timeline of steps that should be taken when in the college search and application process. Content created by a dean or the admissions staff would be valuable here.

Dedicate time and space to each major or area of study.

Assume that students checking out your University Page could be interested in any of the majors or areas of study that your school offers, and then make sure you’re posting content that, over time, covers all of those areas. Content from instructors and department chairs would give students the information they need, while also introducing them to figures who will be important later on in their academic career.

Highlight past and current students.

Success stories and testimonials from past and current students will speak to prospectives on a level that a letter from the president just can’t. Seeing what students have been able to achieve during their time in school and after graduation can be inspirational and sell readers and viewers on your school.

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