3 Ways Your Restaurant Can Embrace Google Plus (And Encourage Diners to Do the Same)

Brands are still trying to navigate their way through Google Plus, but few bars, restaurants and cafes realize that the space is readymade for them. How so? The integration of all Google resources has made it extremely easy for restaurant goers to leave reviews, upload photos and browse the hottest spots on their street. Here are three ways your restaurant (and your customers) can embrace Google Plus.

Invite diners to review their meal


Reviews not only reflect well on your restaurant, they also help boost your Google visibility. Encourage your customers to leave reviews as they finish their meals or head home via Google Plus Local. This feature is integrated into the web version of Google Plus, but mobile users can download the Google Plus Local app for Android and iOS devices — all they need is a Google account to sign in. With location services on, users need only to log in to the app and select the prompt to leave a review. It’s easy for them and great publicity for you.

Invite diners to take and upload their own photos


In recent weeks, there has been a huge debate over the idea of foodstagramming. You may be against the idea, and that’s understandable. If you want to encourage and use customer’s pics to your advantage, however, approach the photographer and encourage them to add it to your Google Plus Local page. Once the user has found your restaurant’s page within the app or through the web version, it’s as simple as tapping “Add a Photo.” Encouraging food photography gives you more content to share, builds goodwill between your brand and your customers and also shows newcomers that you appreciate your customers.

Maintain interest between visits with Hangouts


Since you’re already engaging with Google users through the Google Plus Local feature, make sure that your regular Google Plus page will hold their interest with interesting Hangouts. Have one of your cooks hold a streaming cooking class where they teach viewers to make an easy dish. Or, have your bratender stream a mixology lesson. Creative and educational video content will keep followers invested in your brand…even when their stomachs aren’t growling.

Have you found other great ways to interact with customers via Google Plus?