3 Things You Need to Know From Salesforce’s Facebook Benchmark Report

facebook ad benchmark report

Salesforce Marketing Cloud recently compiled a report focused on the most and least effective advertising options that Facebook offers marketers. The report itself measured ad spend made via Social.com across more than one million different Facebook ads placed and over 114 billion impressions. It’s pretty extensive, but we found a few major takeaways every marketer using Facebook should know.

Click-through rates are well above average for several sponsored ad types, including sponsored place check-ins and sponsored page post likes.

This makes sense because of the in-line nature of the ads and their similar appearance to normal newsfeed posts. What is important to note, though, is that with Facebook’s proposed ad format reduction, all ad types will incorporate elements of a sponsored ad. This is huge for marketers, because more types of ads will have the possibility of garnering these above average click-through rates.

Telecommunications, publishing and general retail industries show click-through rates and cost per impressions well above average.

At the top of the heap, telecommunication brands’ click-through rates and cost per impression are 2.8x above average, publishing brands are 2.5x above average and general retail brands are 58% above average. This is big news for brands that fall into those industries, especially next to the comparatively poor performing industries of deal sites and dating sites claiming CTRs 48% and 92% below average, respectively.

Sponsored page likes cost more per page like compared to their non-sponsored counterpart, but are more successful at acquiring the page like.

Yes, there is a bit of a cost associated with sponsored stories (43% more per page like), but they’re far more successful at achieving the goal of garnering likes, 13.7x more successful, in fact. Marketers may be hesitant to set aside budget for this type of advertising, but it can clearly pay off in increased likes and increased engagement.

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