3 Easy Ways to Make Customers Number 1 on Your Brand’s Facebook Page

When customers are confused about a purchase, unhappy with a product, or have any general e-commerce concerns, they are quick to look to a brand’s social media outlets for answers. As customers turn more and more to Facebook than customer service hotlines or forms on a brand’s official site, brand pages need to adapt to meet this need. We’ve got three simple changes that every brand can make to improve their Facebook page, improve customer relationships and address customer concerns quickly and easily.

Contact Us Tab

brand crm through facebook

For better or for worse, consumers have begun using brands’ Facebook walls as the virtual equivalent of a comment card. This can make it difficult for concerns to be addressed in an efficient and timely manner, but it can also cast a poor light on the brand in situations where it could have easily been resolved without drawing unwanted attention. Use your brand’s Facebook page to encourage customers and fans to submit their feedback or ask questions through a ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Feedback’ tab. They’re easy to set up and can be customized to send concerns directly to the ‘Contact Us’ email address set up on your brand’s official site. Once it’s created, edit your brand’s page to make sure that it shows up in the first line of tabs — making it visible to anyone who may need to use it.

You can get started with the ContactMe app on Facebook here.

Ratings & Review Tab

brand crm through facebook

Brands, as a whole, have integrated rating and review features into the product pages of their sites, making it easy for interested customers to quickly find information from fellow buyers. Now, several brands have integrated this feature into their Facebook profiles, as well, as a separate tab. Not only does it make it convenient for customers to give their opinion, but it also gives brands immediate access to valuable insight they can use for future products. Check out TabSite’s Social Reviews feature or Ratings Tab for apps that will get you started.

Highlight Your Fans

brand crm through facebook

In the end, it’s a brand’s fans and customers that make it successful. Show them your appreciation by asking for more than just their input. Are you a fashion-focused brand? Showcase some of your most loyal fashionistas and their discoveries on your Timeline. Are your a restaurant owner that enjoys business from some favorite regulars? Highlight them in a Facebook album. Find creative and fun ways to highlight your fans and you’ll inspire loyalty in them. If you need inspiration, TJ Maxx has perfected the art of sharing customers finds and showcasing them.

Facebook is an excellent and essential asset for every brand. Not getting enough out of your social efforts? Retool with some of our Facebook-centric guided posts.