In a world dominated by smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices digital communications efforts must be structured accordingly. Why waste time and resources building PC-based digital experiences only to find they don’t play well with their mobile counterparts?

lonelybrand injects mobile thinking into every project we take on. That means content and activity is lean, mean and portable. We’re not sold on a post-PC era of computing just yet, but we do believe explosive growth and untapped potential make mobile a linchpin in any completed digital communications solution.

Check out some of the ways lonelybrand takes it’s show on the road.


Mobile doesn’t necessarily mean active development or digital marketing to portable devices. Sometimes it’s just another lens we look through when executing a larger digital communications program. Building in mobile thinking means making sure we’re envisioning a mobile future where the PC may or may not be the primary place to get information, reducing the risk your digital content goes stale.

Paid Mobile Advertising

SMS, MMS or in-game mobile advertisements can play a key role in building brand awareness and dialing up an already sizzling campaign. It’s not right for everyone. lonelybrand makes sure these pivotal technologies aren’t overlooked, then creates and deploys unique and engaging experiences as needed.

Revolutionary Mobile App Development

Here’s a challenge: build a mobile app that doesn’t just duplicate functionality, but creates a unique experience that makes your target audience swoon. We’re all about building revolutionary, industry-changing apps and weaving them into the bigger picture ensuring your new mobile software gets the recognition it deserves.