Editorial Policies at lonelybrand

Our goal is to provide readers with the best content possible. In doing so, we hope to grow and maintain long term relationships with readers based on trust and value. Our editorial policies are noted below.

Author Vetting Policy

lonelybrand maintains top quality content with the help of talented expert writers. Our authors, both guest and staff, are vetted for bias, content originality, and overall subject matter expertise. lonelybrand is about expert advice, and we source authors from the most relevant fields to help tackle the big questions around technology, brand ambassador and influencer marketing, and more. Authors must submit recent example published pieces in reputable publications of at least 500 words in length before being considered further. Our Editors work with each author to ensure unbiased and truthful content is being published.

Fact Checking Policy

lonelybrand requires factual, accurate, and unbiased information to be presented in articles. All claims, both independent and brand-driven, are checked for accuracy by the lonelybrand editorial team. When possible, third party research must be used to support any claims including product and business-related information. When substantial evidence supporting claims is not available, the editorial staff reserves the right to omit or alter statements to maintain accuracy and reduce bias. References may be requested for quotes, and raw data may be requested when custom research is noted.

Post Publication Change Policy

lonelybrand maintains a change policy for all published articles. In general, lonelybrand does not alter editorial content after the date of publication. If errors or omissions occur that fundamentally change the nature or meaning of an article, a change may be made and noted in the published piece. Please note the lonelybrand editorial team reserves the right to remove any article that contains multiple errors or omissions at their discretion without suggesting a fix. This is to ensure that only the most credible and reliable information is presented to our readers.

Linking Policy

lonelybrand does not offer ‘do follow’ links. The nature of the world wide web is such that links to other sites pass valuable context about relative importance. Google, Bing, and other search engines use links as a foundational element in search engine ranking. Because of these important signals, lonelybrand marks all external links as ‘no follow’ by default. This is to signal to Google that lonelybrand does not endorse or support other websites that may be linked from articles we publish. We do not accept payment or other compensation for creating or altering links. All requests regarding links are automatically removed from our email queue. The lonelybrand editorial staff reserves the right to include any links that support a positive user experience, especially those referencing original source material or trustworthy references.

Comments Policy

lonelybrand does not allow comments to be posted on articles, reviews, or other published content. While it was a difficult decision, in the end the time spent moderating a constant flow of spam and other inappropriate comments on thousands of articles outweighs the benefit of allowing users to share their opinions. Old comments from the previous commenting system have been deleted and are no longer available. We reserve the right to introduce a new commenting system in the future. Any new commenting system will not contain past comments.

Review Process for products at lonelybrand

No Paid Reviews

lonelybrand does not accept payment – either in currency or free product – for product reviews. We select products based on market demand, editorial interest, and good old fashioned research. Requests for product reviews via email or social media are ignored. We do not accept suggestions for product reviews of any kind, nor will mentioning a product to us influence our decision to review it. The best chance of having your product reviewed is to create something noteworthy or interesting to consumers, and allow the natural word of mouth process to drive editorial interest. We do not review or cover Kickstarter projects, IndieGogo projects, or crowd funded, unfinished, prototype, or limited run products.

Honest Opinions from Educated Consumers

lonelybrand provides reviews from the perspective of regular users like you. We do not engage engineers or technical experts to conduct reviews on our behalf. Rather, we rely on the experience of our team to drive overall ratings and opinion on various products. This means readers get a realistic review from a perspective similar to their own. There are many dedicated sites and forums written by audio engineers, mechanical engineers, and other technicians. We make no claims or warrants that we offer this kind of expertise, nor do we wish to provide it. lonelybrand believes the most accurate experience of the consumer must come from the perspective of the consumer.

Testing and Reporting Process

lonelybrand provides a rigorous, systematized testing process for all products we review. This ensures we capture similar data about each product being reviewed, and that those reviews are comparable. Our process begins with the removal of the product from the original packaging, and then moves to each element of the product, including user’s manual, accessories, and the device itself. Each product is documented independently by at least two staff reviewers to remove bias. Reviews are carefully examined for accuracy and reliability by our editorial team before publication. Once a review has been published, it will not be altered. If a new version of the same product is released, that version may be tested separately.

Ratings Process

lonelybrand rates products based on guidelines that may change based on the goal of the review article. In other words, articles about Bluetooth earbuds battery life may include special wear down testing around battery life not applicable to products without batteries. Each review article and roundup may have different reader-aligned objectives. The process for all products within a given article is the same to ensure accuracy and value to the reader. Once ratings are assigned to a product, those ratings will not be altered. If a new version of the same product is released, that version may be rated separately and provided a different rating. Ratings will not be influenced by communications by email or social media.