YOU’RE HIRED! Get a Job in Advertising or Marketing in 2018

New for April 2018! Learn the secrets behind landing your dream job at the most successful advertising agencies and brands. NOTICE Agency CEO and Founder Nicholas Kinports provides the direct, no-nonsense talking points that colleges, advisors, and mentors simply can’t.

In this instant download, you’ll discover:

  • Why applying through agency websites never works.
  • The three marketing hard skills that every agency and brands wants right now, and how to quickly develop them from scratch.
  • Flipping the script and using the current industry turmoil to your advantage.
  • How to format your resume for maximum success.
  • Online classes and certifications that are mandatories at agencies, yet aren’t advertised.

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Read what new hires are saying about YOU’RE HIRED!:

“I wish I had this info about 3 months ago when I graduated. This was an hour of reading that changed my entire outlook and led directly to a new job opportunity working on one of my favorite brands.”

“Love love love the no nonsense approach. I’m in ridiculous debt from college, yet none of this information was ever communicated to me this clearly. Why not???”

“Exactly what I needed to get the internship I wanted. I was chosen over 10 other candidates they interviewed because I had actual hard skills. YOU’RE HIRED! actually pointed me in the right direction, and I did the rest from there.”

Instant download after payment through our secure checkout. 

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