An effective digital communications program isn’t complete without reliable data providing insights and intelligence while linking activity to earnings. You know enough to be dangerous, but monitoring and interpreting the numbers is a full-time job.

lonelybrand takes data and analytics reporting seriously. So seriously we build it in to everything we do.

From goal setting to analysis to plain-language reporting we make sure your digital communications program is configured, measured and linked back to your bottom line.

Check out some of the ways the analytics experts at lonelybrand build data and accountability into everything we do.

Setup and Maintenance

Installing an analytics package is a piece of cake. Configuring an analytics package for maximum value is another story. Make sure you are set up to monitor visitors, be they from paid advertising campaigns, referrals or social networks, and track each visitor through the path to conversion.

Conversion Analysis

All the web traffic in the world is useless if your conversion rate stinks. With so many variables contributing to online purchase decisions it’s difficult to know how to overhaul your digital sales funnel. Our formidable conversion analysis identifies the low-hanging fruit and the small changes that can make a big impact. A must-have if you want more visitors to become customers.

Plain Language Reporting

There’s nothing worse than a report that throws around buzzwords and jargon without delivering real insight. Our reports, whether weekly or monthly, deliver actionable intelligence in language even a CEO can understand. Call us crazy, but if you can’t quickly interpret a report, then it isn’t going to be of much use. lonelybrand analytics reports bring it all together to show you exactly where your digital communications program is winning and where it’s being challenged. Want some icing for that cake? How about secure access to your reports 24/7 through our proprietary online client interface.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

We’ve always trusted our acumen as business leaders to drive decisions in the digital space. What were we thinking?!? lonelybrand encourages data-driven decisions based on analytics and reporting. That’s not to say it’s the only thing we consider (remember there are five other core tenets of digital communications to check out). Be it small copy tweaks or entire site redesigns, data must play a role in the process. Of course all of that becomes much easier when you understand what your data is telling you and how to act on it.