Business leaders understand the importance of storing and maintaining detailed information about customers and prospects. These days it’s equally important to know where those customer and prospects live online and how they prefer to receive messages.

Checks out some of the ways the experts at lonelybrand create and execute comprehensive CRM programs that produce tangible results.

CRM Database Administration

A truly great customer relationship management database stores “cradle to grave” information on relationships with customers and prospects. We’re talking about CRM data that’s robust and accessible. lonelybrand ensures you have the right solution implemented. Then we go to work scrubbing, populating and executing a plan to grow your CRM database.

E-Mail Marketing

Though it may be one of the oldest forms of digital communication, it’s far from dead. E-mail marketing is an incredibly powerful tool and a staple of a successful digital communications program. The CRM experts at lonelybrand identify the best opportunities to dialogue with customers and prospects via e-mail, create a content schedule, develop messaging and deploy the finished product.

Social CRM

There was a time when understanding customers and prospects meant knowing their demographic information. These days smart companies know where their customers and prospects live in the digital world. These digital demographics include social networks, microblogs and preferred websites. The simple act of knowing and categorizing social data creates exciting possibilities for a digital communications program. lonelybrand gets the job done exposing an entirely new way to use CRM data.