Walmart has brought back the M1 MacBook Air, pricing it as a $699 starting-level laptop.

Walmart has brought back the M1 MacBook Air, pricing it as a $699 starting-level laptop.## Walmart Reintroduces M1 MacBook Air as an Affordable Laptop Option

The American retail titan, Walmart, has recently made a statement that the M1 MacBook Air will resume being sold on its online platform and selected store locations. The move follows Apple’s discontinuation of the model earlier this month, with the introduction of the M2 variant as its basic choice. Available now at Walmart for a substantially slashed price of $699, this makes it a enticing choice for those mindful of their budget.

Pocket-Friendly Cost for a Basic Laptop

The revised price point of $699 for the M1 MacBook Air at Walmart is a remarkable decrease from the price of $999 that Apple asked for merely weeks ago. It’s even beneath the $759 cost in Apple’s refurbished store for the identical model. The initial setup of the M1 Air includes 8GB of memory and 256GB of storage. All three color variations of the M1 Air—silver, gold, and space gray—are available at Walmart, but it does not directly offer any versions with expanded RAM or storage.

However, for tech hobbyists preferring an M3 Air or a refurbished M2 version with enhanced RAM and storage, the M1 Air may not be the primary choice. Nonetheless, for those on the hunt for a sturdy entry-level laptop at an astonishingly reduced price, the M1 Air is an excellent choice.

Contemplating Software Support

When thinking about purchasing an M1 Air in 2024, software support must be considered. Based on past records, Apple has rolled out new macOS versions and security updates following the announcement date of new Macs. The M1 Air was introduced in November 2020. This could suggest that an M1 MacBook Air bought now may end up receiving two or three fewer years of software update support compared to an M3 Air bought on the same day.

Regardless, this is not expected to be a predicament immediately. Apple is still maintaining the last few model years of Intel Macs, so it’s quite sure that Apple Silicon models will keep receiving support for at least a couple more years. It is a crucial element to consider for long-term usage, passing the laptop to other family members or friends, or prospective resale and trade-in value.

Summing Up

Walmart’s choice to keep selling the M1 MacBook Air at a markdown gives consumers a budget-friendly passage into the realm of Apple laptops. Although it may not be the number one choice for technology enthusiasts targeting advanced features and supreme performance, it continues being a strong option for people seeking a dependable, entry-level laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What’s the cost of the M1 MacBook Air at Walmart?

A: Walmart is offering the M1 MacBook Air at a price of $699.

Q: Does Walmart offer variants of the M1 Air with additional RAM or storage?

A: No, Walmart does not directly vend any M1 Air versions with increased RAM or storage.

Q: What’s the expected lifespan for software updates if I buy an M1 Air today?

A: Based on Apple’s previous software update practices, an M1 Air bought today may get two or three fewer years of software update support in comparison to an M3 Air bought on the same day.

Q: Is the M1 Air an ideal pick for technology enthusiasts?

A: The M1 Air is a durable entry-level laptop, but technology enthusiasts may opt for an M3 Air or a refurbished M2 model with larger RAM and storage.