How to Turn On Instagram Post Notifications

Instagram Post Notifications are leaving users wondering what will happen to their accounts

Instagram is beginning to turn off the reach spigot, leaving many wondering how their followers will be affected. That’s a tough sell to many Instagram rock stars who have built massive followings – and sometimes careers – from unbridled organic reach. Now that Instagram has notified users it will be reducing that sweet, sweet discovery juice, many users are rushing to beg their followers to activate Post Notifications.

What does activating Post Notifications mean?

Beginning soon, Instagram will only show your most interesting posts to followers. The algorithm Instagram will use to make these decisions is, as with Facebook, Google, and similar tech, hidden from users. That means users will be challenged to create more interesting and relevant content for their followers. Asking users to activate Post Notifications means they will see your content each and every time you post, circumventing the new algorithm.

Should I turn on Instagram post notifications

Should I ask my followers to turn on Instagram Post Notifications?

While the most popular Instagram users are worrying about their ability to reach, chances are you won’t need to do anything. Everyday users sharing content with friends and family won’t be affected by the changes. While nobody knows how Instagram’s new algorithm will work, we can speculate that they won’t want to aggravate a majority of their user base with fewer than 500 followers. Brands, Instagram celebrities, and those with large followings may need to work harder to continue getting likes.

How to turn on Instagram post notifications

Instructions to turn on Instagram Post Notifications

If you are concerned about losing sight of your favorite Instagrammers, just tap the three dots appearing in the upper right corner of a user’s posts, then tap “Turn On Post Notifications”. Simple!