The Two Most Desired AI Features in iOS 18’s Notes App

## Exploring AI Features in iOS 18’s Notes App

Apple’s Notes app is set to evolve with the introduction of new features in iOS 18, including the much-anticipated support for voice recordings. The Notes app, popular for its simplicity and ease of use across multiple Apple devices, is now looking at adding artificial intelligence (AI) to its feature list.

Voice Recordings and AI

The new voice recording feature is not just about recording your thoughts on the go. It is expected to be much smarter, with Apple set to introduce generative AI features into the Notes app that could make voice recordings even more useful. This intelligence upgrade is likely to include two key AI features: voice transcription and summarization.

What Makes Apple’s Notes App Desirable?

Apple’s Notes app has been the go-to text editor for many iPhone and Mac users for years. Its simplicity and speed, combined with cloud-based note saving, makes it a versatile tool for both work and personal use. With iOS 18, users can seamlessly switch between iPhone, iPad, and Mac to work on their documents, all neatly organized within the app.

The Evolution of Apple’s Notes App

In recent years, Apple has been consistently improving the Notes app, adding a variety of features and formatting options. While it may not be Microsoft Word, it certainly holds its own with its unique features that cater specifically to the needs of Apple users.


With the integration of AI features such as voice transcription and summarization, the Notes app in iOS 18 is set to redefine note-taking experience. The addition of smart voice recording functionality will not only make the app more versatile but also significantly enhance user convenience. As we eagerly await the rollout of iOS 18, it’s clear that Apple continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in its ecosystem.


1. What new features are expected in the Notes app with iOS 18?
The new iOS 18 is expected to bring support for voice recordings and AI features like voice transcription and summarization to the Notes app.

2. What makes the Notes app popular among Apple users?
The Notes app is popular for its simplicity, speed, and cloud-based note saving. It allows users to switch between iPhone, iPad, and Mac seamlessly, keeping their documents neatly organized.

3. How has the Notes app evolved over the years?
Over the years, Apple has added a variety of features and formatting options to the Notes app, enhancing its versatility and usability.

4. How will the addition of AI features enhance the user experience in the Notes app?
The integration of AI features like voice transcription and summarization will make note-taking smarter, easier, and more convenient for users.

5. What makes the Notes app different from Microsoft Word?
While Microsoft Word is a comprehensive word processing tool, Apple’s Notes app offers a simple, fast, and intuitive note-taking experience specifically designed for Apple users. It also allows seamless switching between different Apple devices.The Two Most Desired AI Features in iOS 18's Notes App